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As you may have seen the RT website now has two donate buttons. We would like you to think carefully before using either of them.

Firstly – please read the text below the two donate buttons before donating.
Secondly – note there are two ways you can donate should you choose to – either as a one-off payment (the yellow donate button) or a monthly payment (the blue sustainer button – select your ammount before clicking the blue button). We appreciate either!

Read before donating

Consider these two things …

1. What does Rising Tide really want?
It’s not that we don’t need money, we do, but we need something else more … your energy, time, ideas, and involvement in the Rising Tide network! Really that is worth so much more to us than even a $1,000 donation! Come to one of our open meetings (email to find out about the next one), or if you live too far away – set up a group – we’ll help you, again just drop us an email. If, however, you are not currently able to get involved then we thank you for your donation. Know that we have no paid staff and no office – your money goes directly to us taking creative direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and the interconnected destruction of land, water, and air.
Check this ( out for inspiration!

2. Know where your money goes…
Who are you intending to give money to? As a climate justice group focusing on direct action, de-colonization and anti-capitalism, we encourage you to seek out ways of working in solidarity with front line communities. Due to the nature of hierarchies within the current oppressive capitalist system, those communities most impacted by resource extraction companies (the companies that are blindly following the path to climate disaster and the ones who are perpetuating the ongoing state-sanctioned process of colonization) are often the communities who have the least financial resources. Front line communities are organizing to stop the destruction in their communities and prevent industry from wreaking havoc with the natural world. Their organizing benefits us all!

Below are some front line communites in need of financial support:

Unist’toten Action Camp – The Unis’ot’en of the sovereign Wet’suwet’en Nation are blocking access to all pipelines, including Enbridge Northern Gateway and the Apache/Chevron PTP fracking gas pipeline. Donate here

Ancestral Pride – Members of Ahousaht Nation are resisting Imperial Metals’ proposed copper and molybdenum mines that would impact villages with near by mountain-top removal on the west of Vancouver Island. Donate here

Tsilhqot’in – Teztan Biny, Yanah Biny and Nabas are in a remote and beautiful area of profound cultural and spiritual importance to the Tsilhqot’in Nation. However, its lakes and rivers, and the Tsilhqot’in way of life are threatened by a proposal for a huge, open-pit copper and gold mine called the New Prosperity Mine. The Tsilhqot’in Nation continues to advocate for a full rejection of the proposal, which is now before its second Federal Panel Review. Donate here

RAVEN – This group occupies a unique niche in the NGO community in Canada by creating legal defence funds for First Nations who must continuously defend their lands and livelihood from the onslaught of rampant industrial development. Donate here

Other places to find out more information – and

And many others! Get connected, offer your intention of solidarity, ask what is needed and listen. Donations are welcome, but time and support will build a strong interconnected movement!

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