Rising Tide Statement – NO to Fraser Surrey Docks, NO to Dirty Coal!

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Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is poised to allow a massive new coal terminal in Surrey, which would make Vancouver the biggest coal exporter in North America. Fraser Surrey Docks Ltd. has applied to expand its Surrey terminal to handle coal, brought by train from the United States. South of the border, stricter regulations and fierce community resistance has coal companies looking to Occupied BC as a last resort to ship their dirty coal overseas. Locally, the proposed coal facility, which sits on unceded Coast Salish territories, will threaten the health of nearby communities through increased coal dust and diesel particulates. Globally, the project will add over 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Coal is a social and environmental nightmare from extraction to combustion, and Rising Tide Vancouver Coast Salish Territories denounces the hypocritical stance of government and industry: while they consider coal too dirty to burn here, they will gladly profiteer from its devastating consequences elsewhere. We oppose the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal, and all coal extraction and export. We say YES to community-based energy solutions and reject the notion that our energy needs must be met by fossil fuels that destroy communities and the natural world.

Given only 30 days to comment on a sham environmental assessment, in a process which requires no accountability on the part of Port Metro Vancouver, we ask you to join us in challenging the capitalist logic of exporting responsibility for environmental destruction and climate change. Our opposition will not end after 30 days.

We call on all residents of these occupied lands to fight industrial expansion, and the social and environmental injustices it perpetuates, by whatever means necessary. Fraser Surrey Docks will not be built because together we will stop it. The same applies to the expansions of the Westshore Terminals in Delta owned by Jimmy ‘Coalman’ Pattison, as well as the Neptune Terminals in North Vancouver. We stand in solidarity with all impacted communities who say NO to COAL, OIL and GAS, at sites of extraction, transportation, and combustion. As communities along the west coast of the US have successfully fought back against coal export terminals, we must do the same. These destructive industries will not simply be moved to different communities, they will be stopped by defiant communities.


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