Today’s the day – Flood the Port!

Flood the Port - 2 - small
The clock is ticking: we’ve got til 4pm to tell Port Metro Vancouver that we say NO to Fraser Surrey Docks, NO to their sham review process and NO to dirty coal – and YES to creative resistance to stop their plans to turn Greater Vancouver into North America’s biggest carbon exporter.

Ready, set… flood!

1. Send an email to the port via (they’ll be counted as an official submission, but they’ll be made public, unlike the port’s own process). Click here for an email template to get you started. You might also want to take your message straight to the top: Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester ( and Board Chairman Craig Neeser (

2. Tweet the port @PortMetroVan. Try something like: @PortMetroVan, we say NO to Fraser Surrey Docks. If you build it, we will block it. #nocoalexports

3. Pick up the phone and tell ‘em what you really think. Try Tim Blair, the person officially in charge of the assessment (604-665-9378) or the community relations team (604-665-9179).

5. Pledge to take to the streets if Port Metro Vancouver approves Fraser Surrey Docks. Let’s make sure the port knows just what kind of resistance they’ll face if they try to make Vancouver the largest coal exporter in North America. Communities up and down the west coast have come together to defeat coal terminal proposals – together, we can stop Big Coal in its tracks. If you take the action pledge, make sure you tell the port when you phone or email them, so they know what they’re up against if they give a green light.

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