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Basis of Unity
Rising Tide: Vancouver Coast Salish Territories is a grassroots environmental justice group committed to fighting the root causes of climate change and the interconnected destruction of land, water and air.

Everywhere in the world, low-income, politically marginalized communities—historically those least responsible for environmental destruction and greenhouse gas emissions—are those hardest hit by climate change and every aspect of industrial expansion, from toxic pollution to resource wars. We are committed to confronting this injustice and shifting power back into the hands of people and communities most impacted by global warming and environmentally destructive industries, and away from the current state, corporate, and imperial powers who promote these industries.

We ground our work in decolonizing principles, recognizing that environmental injustice stems from discrimination, domination, and violence through colonial occupation and expansion with the help of capitalist and imperialist institutions. We recognize our work as part of a broader global justice movement and seek to align our work with those who oppose all forms of oppression.
Our organizing is committed to working in solidarity with impacted peoples and abiding by the following principles:

1. We seek to ground our work in decolonizing principles and the principles of environmental justice. We support the fight for sovereignty and self-determination of indigenous people of the lands where we live.

2. We reject capitalism, colonialism and imperialism, all neo-liberal trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote corporate globalization.

3. We reject all forms and systems of oppression and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, white supremacy, classism, disableism, ageism, homophobia and transphobia. We embrace the complete respect and dignity of all living beings.

4. We aspire to the fearless confrontation of injustice, selfless service to humanity, and compassionate alignment with local causes and a global movement, where community organizing, not undemocratic policy arenas, overcome the domination of transnational capital.

5. We call for direct action and civil disobedience in confronting the root causes of pollution, global warming, poverty and violence; solidarity with social movement struggles; organizing resistance and resilience that maximize respect for life and the rights of all oppressed peoples, and, the pursuit of community-led alternatives to global capitalism and neo-colonial government.

6. We are committed to building consensus – based on decentralized decision-making, collective self-governance, and autonomy from non-governmental organizations (of privilege) and their funders.

7. We strive for alignment in ecological and economic justice, common cause with diverse grassroots global justice movements, and collaborative strategies through trans-local movement organizing.

We envision a future where all communities can sustain their collective needs as well as those of individuals. We believe that if we break down the systems of domination maintained through coercion and fear, we can recognize and encourage the creativity people have to find solutions to the climate and environmental crisis while forming meaningful connections to the Earth.

In solidarity,

-Rising Tide Coast Salish Territories