Microgaming is back with another new release, taking us to Japan. Using Microgaminers’ unique three-dimensional slots technology and five reel configuration for Our Days Online Slots Game has 243 ways you can win as your adventure plays out on romantic details from young love tales familiar in Japanese manga culture or anime series background music videos which are also used within commercial breaks during TV shows where they have been integrated seamlessly into gameplay, so it feels like there isn’t any break at all! The minimum stake per spin starts off low ($0.30) but increases significantly once players reach higher levels; wagering up until $1 800.

Our Days Symbols

Play Our Days and Let Love Find You

The slot machines in this casino are designed to mirror the Japanese culture, especially with their cute and colourfully-styled reels. You’ll be introduced into a high school classroom upon launching your game, bringing back memories of when you were innocent at these ages, too!

The slot has a boy and 3 girls. Regular symbols also exist, such as a love letter or scarf (which can substitute for any other regular prize), diary lunch box – all these items being present on an old-fashioned picnic table throughout your free spins if you happen to find the scatter icon which is usually found in base games like this one! And finally, there’s “the wild”: not just any logo would do, though; it needs something more iconic than simply another notch added onto its name after being unlocked through completing certain objectives during gameplay… This time around, we get our hands upon some musical instruments meaning.

Premium symbols include Nana, Joy, Amber and Lolita. All these ladies are worth tracking down as they can payout 3 times your stake!

Play Our Days and Let Love Find You

High school may not have been the best for most people, but if you found your first love during this period, things are bound to be more rewarding. The rules for finding someone special changed dramatically compared to what we knew before-and. There’s no better time than now.

Play Our Days and Let Love Find You

When you enter the betting range, it is $0.30 to as high as 1,800 dollars for every spin of your gameplay.

Special Features

Microgaming’s latest release includes two special features gamers will want to take advantage of. These include:

  • Respins– This feature is triggered after landing a winning combination. The resulting action is that the reels bearing the winning symbols will stay in position, and the other reels, without the winning symbols, will respin and continue to do so as long as you keep landing the winning combination.
  • Free Spins– The free spins are activated when you land scatter symbols on reels 3, 4 or 5 scatters. This will award you 8, 10 or 12 free spins, respectively. This feature is reminiscent of playing free casino games, but with one difference. Luckily, this feature eliminates symbols with little payouts and replaces them with high-paying ones, increasing your probability of striking huge rewards. Better yet, the Re-spin feature is also active during this round.


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Playing Our Days on Mobile

What are you waiting for? Get your Japan on the go with this awesome game. You can relive all those high school adventures and first love stories anywhere.

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Microgaming is a company that knows how to make slots exciting. They include amazing visuals and features so players can enjoy themselves without feeling too young, like when playing the arcade games in an old grocery store near your house as kids who should’ve been doing homework instead (but don’t worry about them). One thing MicroG arms most vital feature: This slot machine; after every win – you get another spin! That means high rollers would love this game because with $1 800 max bets per line.